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Design and construction

We work on turnkey projects – from the design and construction of equipment to the commissioning of the entire business and training of its personnel.

Fish farming

The right recirculating aquaculture system equipment for trout and sturgeon farming will help increase process efficiency, reduce labour costs, and minimise business risk. Euro Industry offers the design and manufacture of industrial recirculating aquaculture systems which include:

  • Steel pools, corrosion-resistant, with a volume of up to 800 m3;
  • Drum filters for mechanical treatment of water to remove foreign solids;
  • Constant filtering medium biofilters;
  • Degassers to reduce water CO2 levels;
  • Oxygen generators;
  • Proprietary software for monitoring the performance of RAS components;
  • Lift trucks and stackers.

The combination of competent project development, technical facilities, and professional, practical project implementation is the price of success for a fish farming enterprise.

We design and manufacture
all our equipment

Growing pools

As a rule, we build pools from stainless steel, which provides them with superior strength at a relatively small wall thickness, while ensuring rapid on-site installation with maximum ease of maintenance and transport. The smooth surfaces are easy to clean.


Drum filters

The special design of the drive ensures high reliability of the drum filter turning mechanism, which is particularly important for very large, high throughput filters. The robust structure is made entirely of stainless steel.



The biofilter design developed by Euro Industry has a number of advantages. We build them from high-quality stainless steel and design them so that parts can be easily handled and quickly installed on site. In most projects we use biofilters with constant filtering medium volume. 



The Euro Industry degassers use a processing solution by which very high efficiency of reduction of water CO2 levels can be achieved with low energy consumption and compact dimensions.



In our projects we use oxygenators of proprietary design – each is a medium pressure system in which a controlled oxygen cushion is created, and water is mixed with oxygen, flowing through specially designed nozzles.



The operation of all fish farm equipment is controlled by software developed by us. All equipment operating parameters and the water quality are displayed and can be adjusted on a touch screen by the operator.


Lift truck

As the stackers can be quite tall for high capacity production, for the convenience of working with the upper shelves we supply a special machine that helps the operator to smoothly climb higher to the desired shelf.


Broodstock incubation racks

Special racks with shelves on which the eggs are deposited in a single layer and where they grow until brooding. Each shelf is covered with a 3D texture that allows the eggs to rest separately and receive maximum fresh water flow.


RAS is one of the actively developing aquaculture technologies

and that is why

Building anywhere

They will become the autonomous home and office of the fish farming team for the duration of the shift, while cages and barges can be removed from the inshore base and its infrastructure.

High growth rate of fish

By maintaining optimum water temperature, continuously high levels of dissolved oxygen, and consistent feeding, the fastest fish growth genetically inherent to this species is achieved.

Growing fish all year round

Perfect isolation from external conditions allows farming of specific fish numbers in at any time of the year.

Full process automation

Ensures easy maintenance of RAS, which means fewer operators are involved.

Significant resource savings

Compact fish farm size, low feed conversion ratio (FCR), and high feed efficiency

A sustainable product!

Fish grown in RAS are protected against all infectious and parasitic diseases.

Our farming projects

great value and pride of the company

Choosing an experienced and reliable partner plays a leading role in the success of a RAS project

Euro Industry has been successful in the global market for over 20 years. We have designed equipment for leading producers, including Morpol, Milarex, and Jantar. Each project is thought through to the smallest detail by experienced engineers with consideration of all requirements and expectations of the customer.
Please tell us about how we can help you with joining the costs and as soon as possible.

    Representative contact details

    Grzegorz Mrowicki
    +48 797 647 788

    Responsible, individual, professional

    This is our approach to every project

    All equipment is designed and manufactured to the real needs of fish farmers and processors.

    A team of engineers with 20 years of experience is involved in the development of the project, including Jersey Malek himself.

    The entire manufacturing process is controlled at every stage – no operation is outsourced.

    The equipment produced is perfected thanks to the many years of collective experience of the engineers.

    The equipment is carefully specified and in certain cases, the availability of consumables and spare parts is ensured.

    The company’s extensive manufacturing capabilities help complete large orders quickly.