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Experience and innovation


Euro – Industry machines and equipment are the sum of the experience of the brand’s founder, who used them in his plants for over 17 years and improved in order to achieve the best results in the fish processing process, and the work of designers, automation engineers and personnel performing current inspections and technical maintenance.

The common feature for most of the solutions we offer are:

  • high efficiency and effectiveness of work
  • reduction of jobs in the processing plant, by arranging processes and equipment selection so that the largest part of the work can be done by machines and equipment
  • attention to detail and selection of high quality components that minimise failure frequency and maximise service life without the need for repairs and replacement of parts and components
  • easy and quick service allows to minimise downtime in production
  • ergonomics and work safety
  • access and ease of cleaning, which is a challenge in many plants every day

Our mission is to create the most professional products on the market, designed to work continuously for years, while ensuring low energy consumption and ease of use, which allows for proper and effective use of machinery and equipment by less experienced personnel.

We also make sure that high expenditures on investments in good equipment are rational and that process automation is economically justified.

The goal of a modern processing plant is to manufacture the best possible products at the lowest possible cost, while at the same time ensuring the comfort and safety of employees – that is our goal and that is why our slogan is Fish Processing & More. With us, customers can achieve their goals, and our products are the best proof of that, with us you can achieve more…

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