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Construction of maintenance catamarans
and feed barges

The Euro Industry Holding operates a state of the art shipyard in Ustka, where we fulfil orders for large cage aquacultures from various countries. Over the years, we have launched over 50 maintenance catamarans and feed barges. We have developed compact feed barges for lake work and our latest underwater feeding system.

Our catamarans

Our maintenance catamarans greatly streamline work on cage aquacultures
  • Provided with everything necessary for work: handling arms, winches, and more
  • High seaworthiness and excellent manoeuvrability
  • Maximum comfort for the whole crew with high safety of work


  • Deployment and maintenance of restraint systems;
  • Suspension and replacement of multi-tonne racks in large, modern farming cages
  • Concentration of fish for harvesting and delivery of feed, and other tasks are completed
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Our feed barges

The feed barges, which we have also built for the AQUA Group, provide reliable storage of several hundred tonnes of feed per vessel and ensure high feeding efficiency.

They will become the autonomous home and office of the fish farming team for the duration of the shift, while cages and barges can be removed from the inshore base and its infrastructure.

In addition to the hulking inshore barges, each holding 400 or 600 tonnes of feed, at Euro Industry we have developed and tested compact, modular feed barges that are easy to transport ashore and assemble on site, while being reliable and efficient as a monolithic design.

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The Euro Industry Shipyard has successfully delivered work boats for many years

Our customers include such renowned operations like Leroy, Norway Royal Salmon, and Russian Salmon.

Ready to build

both huge, 400- or 600-tonne sea barges and smaller, functional barges with a capacity of 120 tonnes of feed

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    Mariusz Żebryk
    +48 507 030 398

    We stand out with our experience
    and rich tradition

    Automatic control system

    The history of the Shipyard in the seaside town of Ustka dates back to the second half of the 20th century, when it built medium-sized ships for the Polish fishing fleet. The ships launched from Ustka were delivered far away from Poland – several vessels were highly acclaimed by Angolan fishermen. More than 10 years ago, the shipyard became part of the Euro Industry Holding and began specialising in aquaculture engineering. We keep a close eye on all the latest market trends, communicate with fish farmers, and frequent trade exhibitions.

    We are committed to making each vessel as functional as possible

    When designing each vessel, we carry out long-term consultations with the client’s specialists to consider all the nuances of their work at sea and the specifics of the vessel’s future area of operation.

    At our cage farm in Croatia we are currently field testing a compact, easily transportable feed barge with an innovative underwater feeding system. A barge like this, carrying a feed stock of 120 tonnes or more, could become a great aid for fish farmers working on lakes and other inland bodies of water in Russia.

    Another visit makes us proud

    Our regular customer, the famous Norwegian company Leroy, operates whole fleets of maintenance catamarans to efficiently service its many production facilities. To date, we have delivered 11 maintenance catamarans to our partners at Leroy.