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Drum filter for RAS

The performance of a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) is largely determined by the quality of mechanical filtration of the water circulating in the system. The drum filter for RAS is a professional machine designed to quickly and effectively remove solid and organic impurities from the working medium (including biofilm particles, faeces, feed residues, etc.).

Water is an environment which promotes decomposition of organic particles, accompanied by the active absorption of dissolved oxygen. This increases the load on the system and the cost of implementing its functionality. Oxygen-deficient water is also characterised by the presence of anaerobic processes that produce gases toxic to aquatic organisms. The use of a RAS drum filter from Euro Industry will avoid these negative effects and foster optimal conditions for fish farming.

Operating principle

  • A braided filter mesh of stainless steel wire is stretched over the drum. The mesh size ranges from 20 to 80 microns.
  • The water is fed into the drum and passes through the filter mesh.
  • The treated water flows to the chamber behind the drum and follows to the biological treatment stage, while the solids are separated on the inner surface of the filter mesh.
  • The throughput of the filter mesh gradually decreases in the process, which reduces the water level in the chamber. The low level sensors installed in the chamber output a signal to the controller, which initiates the drum backwash (cleaning) cycle.
  • A gear motor slowly rotates the drum filter, and the water is supplied from the outside via special nozzles to the filter mesh at a pressure of approx. 5 bar.
  • The pressure of water removes the separated solids into a gutter, which is open to a drainage system.

The special design of the drive ensures high reliability of the drum filter turning mechanism, which is particularly important for very large, high throughput filters. The robust structure, made entirely of stainless steel, will give you confidence in the drum filter performance even in such an aggressive environment as the fish farms are.

For our customers

You can buy a RAS drum filter from Euro Industry at an affordable price and complete with great terms and conditions of service. As the manufacturer of our equipment, we offer only tested and reliable solutions tailored to specific operating conditions. The efficiency of the drum filter helps to remove the load from the ecosystem of fish farming ponds and keep the water clean. Automatic controls help minimise labour costs for maintaining the operation and servicing of the RAS fish farm.