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Euro Industry produces recirculating water deaerators – an integral element of the treatment system for the liquid circulating in the installation. Such equipment is part of a comprehensive solution or is used to modernize and repair technical facilities in operating industries.


The efficiency of the RAS used in industrial fish farming depends directly on the quality of the water recycled to the pools, which has been biologically treated and, if required, prepared to make up for natural daily losses.

While recirculated, the water dissolves biological products from the fish, food residues, and gaseous chemical compounds released by the bacteria. As a result, it is saturated with carbon dioxide (CO2), free nitrogen (N2), ammonia (NH3) and other undesirable substances. As the oxygen level in the water decreases, hydrogen sulphide can form. Even a low concentration of hydrogen sulphide leads to the immediate death of the fish.

In the aeration process of the biofilter, turbulence contributes to partial degassing, but the effectiveness of this process is insufficient. In order to maintain the chemical composition of the water in a closed-cycle water system at an optimum level and to prepare the medium for oxygenation, the entire recirculation flow is bio-sterilised and follows through a degassing unit.

Technical solutions

The industry uses three types of degassers for RAS plants:

  • Bubbling degassers, in different design options. Due to their ease of manufacture and operation, they can provide a maximum efficiency of water deaeration at 90%;
  • Vacuum degassers: efficient, but technically challenging, as well as expensive to manufacture and operate;
  • Degassing towers: the most common solution with up to 100% of efficiency.

Euro Industry produces tubular recirculating air deaerators, which are used in 99% of small and medium-sized models of this type of equipment. The principle of the degassing tower is based on the diffusion of carbon dioxide and other undesirable gases from water into air.

High-strength plastic and stainless steel were used for the production of the deaerator. When passing through the horizontal layers of the perforated panels, strong turbulence is created, thanks to which harmful gas is released into the air. The advantages of Euro Industry degassing devices are the combination of compact dimensions, low operating costs and excellent results.