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Fast and good


At Euro – Industry, we know better than anybody else how fast and good service is important. We, ourselves, in fish processing plants, used hundreds of machines manufactured within the owner’s capital group. We therefore propose our customers to conclude a service agreement both during the guarantee period and after its expiry.
We have a large warehouse of spare parts, and our service technicians are mobile and experienced to solve any problem.
Naturally, we design and manufacture our machines so that they are as reliable as possible, however, the risk of failure due to the age of machine or incorrect operation should be always taken into account.

We offer 3 service options:

Service performed on the
basis of planned inspections

  • visits every 6 months, confirmed earlier with the customer
  • inspection carried out on the basis of a list of machine points to be controlled
  • service recommendations after inspection generally allow for reduction of the risk of failure during production

Standard service during the guarantee period and after its expiry

  • service response up to 48 h since notification
  • during the guarantee period – parts and service free of charge
  • online support

Premium service during the guarantee period and after its expiry

  • service discussed with the customer individually depending on the customer’s location and expectations
  • Premium service agreement can be concluded after the expiry of guarantee period
  • online support

Spare parts and


In addition to the warehouse of spare parts in our plant we offer the customers to purchase a service kit of spare parts which are key to functioning of our machines and equipment.

High quality of parts and components
of renowned companies

Short lead time - parts can be delivered
within 24 h across Europe

Technical support 24/7

Please contact us