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Euro Industry, for its own complex projects or on custom order, manufactures RAS oxygen generators with proprietary design solutions. To calculate the characteristics of a particular equipment unit, our engineers consider a set of indicators:

  • The parameters of the water downstream of the water treatment systems;
  • The required outlet oxygen concentration;
  • The target or actual water change rate (l/min);
  • Water temperature;
  • The required dimensions, according to the fish production conditions.


The water oxygen levels in RAS for industrial fish farming depend on:

  • Reduction of the broodstock egg incubation time;
  • Increased yield, survival rate, and weight gain of fry;
  • The growth of fish and the intensity of their development;
  • The oxidation activity of organic products (the result of vital fish activity) for effective cleaning of the aquatic environment.

The oxygen saturation equilibrium of water is assumed to be 100%. After passing through the fish pools, this rate drops to 70% and becomes even lower by treatment in a biofilter. Aeration helps to increase the oxygen saturation to 90-100%, but the use of oxygenated water is preferred in industrial systems – this stimulates the growth rate of fry and fish.

A RAS oxygenator is a technical device for enriching recirculating plant water with oxygen and ozone to a level which meets the requirements of the processing regulations. An oxygenation system operated on pure oxygen can increase the oxygen concentration to 200-300%.

For our customers

Popular types of oxygenators include mine or oxygen cones. The mine cones have lower operating costs with higher installation costs and plant complexity. Oxygen cones operating according to the following algorithm have become very popular:

  • The upper section is supplied with water and oxygen;
  • Under overpressure, the two components are mixed;
  • The gas relief valve ensures the removal of excess gas;
  • A sight tube is provided to monitor the oxygen cushion;
  • The oxygen-rich water leaves through the bottom.

An oxygenator made of grade AISI 304 stainless steel can be purchased from Euro Industry on favourable commercial terms: at a competitive price, and complete with delivery, personnel training, installation, and warranty service.