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Lift truck

By developing and creating water recirculation systems, Euro Industry engineers and designers strive to achieve maximum automation of work operations. However, the implementation of some production processes still cannot do without human participation. This also applies to the maintenance of incubation chambers, including various manipulations with the trays, checking the condition of the eggs and monitoring the quality parameters of the purified water supply system.

The size of the cabinets determines the scale of production. In large enterprises, it is profitable to increase the height of the racks and place more trays in each section for rational use of space. The UZV lift truck is an ergonomic device designed to facilitate the work of the operator when the height of the incubator section exceeds 1.3-1.4 meters. In such cases, it is physically difficult to remove and visually inspect the top trays, resulting in a waste of time.

Technical properties

Structurally, the stroller consists of the following units:

  • chassis – two axles with metal wheels;
  • lifting platform with perimeter fence;
  • lifting mechanism;
  • an electric motor with a gearbox for transmitting torque;
  • Remote.

Along the racks, the lifting trolley is interspersed with metal guides. The locking mechanism reliably fixes it in the desired zone, after which the operator, using the control buttons, smoothly raises the platform to the required height and performs the necessary operations. With a moderate own weight, the device is distinguished by its reliability of construction, economy, convenience of functionality, low costs and long service life, while maintaining simple rules of operation and periodic maintenance.