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Fish farming pools

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Fish breeding pools

Fish farming pools are the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about RAS. They are the first thing the visitors to your RAS see, the first thing your farm personnel work with and finally, the equipment your fish are directly contained in.

Despite their apparently extreme simplicity, many important aspects of operation of an entire RAS depend on the proper design of the pools:

  • The key process of removing suspended solids from water starts with the design of the pools and the hydrodynamics of the water they hold;
  • Circular ‘self-cleaning’ pools need to have a certain depth to diameter ratio to provide the correct primary and secondary flows, carrying the solids exactly into the centre of the pool, and helping to prevent stagnant zones;
  • The design of the pool itself and its inlet and outlet should ensure the necessary water change, the rate of which in the pool should be optimal to prevent rising СО₂ levels as the growing mass of fish respires;
  • It is good to have a means to control the water flow velocity, as its optimum value (being the body length per second) may vary with the fish size;
  • It is necessary to provide a convenient means of waste disposal (there is always a small percentage of dead fish that must be removed quickly from the pool);
  • It is important to be able to reduce the water level in the pool to concentrate the fish for transfer or removal, while the oxygen supply to the pool should not be interrupted;
  • In the case of large pools with large fish, care should be taken that the population growth and the condition of the fish can be inspected with the aid of convenient, safe ladders above the pools.

The combination of competent project development, technical facilities, and professional, practical project implementation is the price of success for a fish farming enterprise.

Pool design and manufacturing

We design and build fish farming pools as part of a comprehensive supply of turnkey RAS solutions, ensuring all the above-mentioned parameters for the smooth operation of the pools. The pool size and number are always optimally coordinated with the production plan of the fish farm, the minimisation of the project budget, and ease of installation and maintenance. In most projects, we use high-quality stainless steel as the material for our pools. The material provides the customer with a number of important benefits:

  • Compact plant dimensions for handling and transport;
  • Even with enormous pools of several hundred cubic metres, the installation on site is quick and easy, with the option to dismantle and relocate the structure guaranteed as needed;
  • Complete biological inertness and safety for fish, enabling treatment with disinfectants;
  • The smooth surface of steel is optimal for the hydrodynamic performance and self-cleaning of the pools;
  • Durability and high corrosion resistance to guarantee a long service life and full recyclability;
  • Full compatibility with other RAS components, without any leaks.

The cost of manufacturing, delivery and installation of a pool depends on its size and the complexity of the manufacturing process and is determined case by case. Euro Industry is the manufacturer with many years of experience and offers the purchase of water recirculation pools at a bargain price.