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The creation and development of

Euro – Industry

2002: Morpol

The owner of the Euro – Industry brand created Morpol – the largest salmon processing plant in the world, now MOWI.
In 2012, Morpol employed 3.500 people and processed 70,000 tonnes of salmon per year.

2005: Euro Industry

Founded by Euro-Industry, which designed and manufactured machines for Morpol.

Euro-Industry delivered machinery and equipment to Morpol for a price of about EUR 150 million

2016: Islandia

Launching smolt growing operation in a modern plant and salmon growing based on smolt from own breeding.

Smolt production is 2,000 tonnes per year /200-300 g/, salmon production is 20,000 tonnes per year

Euro-Industry supplied technology for hatcheries, smolt and salmon farming with a value of EUR 20 million

2017: Milarex

In 2017, the founder of Morpol created Milarex, the second largest salmon processing plant in the world.

In 2018, Milarex employed 1.000 people and processed 20,000 tonnes of salmon per year In 2019, the production will increase to 40.000 tonnes Euro Industry delivered machines and equipment to Milarex for approx. EUR 45 million