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Incubation cabinets

The factory method of incubating eggs consists in creating external conditions that meet the standards of technological regulations, which are able to be provided by incubators equipped with a water supply and drainage network. These types of devices are manufactured by Euro Industry as one of the elements of an industrial closed water supply system or, at the request of the buyer, as an independent technical support unit for commercial fish farming.

Technical characteristics

The viability and growth rate of fish depend on adherence to care principles at an early stage of development, when it is particularly susceptible to disease. Incubation equipment should ensure good egg washability by means of a standardized flow of high-quality water:

  • temperature 8-12 ° C;
  • with dissolved oxygen levels above 95% and nitrogen levels below 105%;
  • with a pH level of 6.7-8.0;
  • with the minimum, specified by SNiP, input of minerals and chemicals – ammonia, zinc, chlorine, copper, etc.

Euro Industry produces devices for hatching eggs of vertical type (“ulcer trays or piles”) at a favorable price for its customers, the functionality of which is based on the use of the “MariSource” system. The basic design of the equipment may have certain nuances, but it invariably includes the following:

  • body and guides made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy intended for contact with food;
  • reinforced plastic trays (shelves) with a 3D base structure for separating the eggs from each other and for a better supply of fresh water to them;
  • filter pipe;
  • hoses, couplings, float switch, additional tanks and mesh trays.


The principle of operation of the devices for vertical incubation is to supply water to the top funnel, from which it enters the first tray from above, and passing through it successively flows onto the pallets below. Advantages of this solution:

  • optimization of land use;
  • minimizing water consumption;
  • individual trays can be removed or moved to monitor the condition of the caviar.

The production of vertical incubators in Euro Industry takes place on the basis of a technical allocation agreed with the client, taking into account the required general parameters, the number of trays in each section and other factors important for the client.