Euro Pack 7000 Packing line

Euro Pack 7000 is the most advanced Salmore production device, which has a huge capacity for packaging in various packages and unique solutions that stand out among the best products on the market.

Euro Pack 7000 has a very high performance, allowing for easy and quick exchange of the die for different tray sizes. The film roll can also be replaced in a very short time and is easy to operate.

In addition, we have created the ability to control tension and guide the top and bottom printed films up to 500 microns.

The device is also equipped with a unique system of heating and stretching the foil with various parameters.


  • Highly Intensive
  • Innovative solutions for film inspection
  • Quick and easy change of packing profile


  • the sealing mould rises up like in a SKIN PACK
  • can be equipped with an X-Ray and labelling system
  • Inject Printing mobile printhead
  • can be equipped with special transporters for enveloping and packing in cartons

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Performance characteristics Euro Pack 7000
  • High performance
  • Flexible operation
  • Can be integrated with X-Ray
  • Easy and quick replacement of the die and film rolls
  • A unique system of heating and stretching the foil with various parameters
Technical characteristics:
Capacity up to 70.000 packages/shift
Dimensions ….x….x…. mm
Energy consumption …. kW
Electrical standard 1 x 400V + N + PE 50Hz
Weight ….kg

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