Euro Flex 480 Frozen portion slicer

Euro Flex 480 is the most efficient machine for slicing smoked frozen portions.

Our proprietary drive mechanism provided by a linear motor of our own design is characterised by speed (up to 480 slices/min.) and, equally important for reliability, a very high culture of work. This ensures that there are no vibrations during operation, which means that the machine will not fail for many years to come.

Euro Flex 480 can be operated by one person who can change the slicing speed using the controller, as well as choose a wide range of slice thickness and angle.


  • Safe and ergonomic working conditions
  • Robust, compact stainless steel structure
  • Speed control
  • User friendly controls
  • Easy access for operation and cleaning


The Euro Flex 480 slicer consists of:

  • a robust and compact housing
  • a drive based on proprietary linear motor design
  • a two-fillet tray
  • a short conveyor belt
  • a slicing section casing that protects the operator’s work
  • an advanced, user-friendly controller

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Performance characteristics Euro Flex 480
  • High speed
  • Working culture
  • 1 person operation
  • No vibrations
  • Slicing two fillets simultaneously
Technical characteristics:
Capacity up to 480 slices/min.
Dimensions 2300x1000x1700 mm
Energy consumption 7.5 kW
Electrical standard 1 x 400V + N + PE 50Hz
Weight 700 kg

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Smoked fish