Euro Cut 750 Portion cutter with scanning

Euro Cut 750 is a technologically advanced device for scanning fillets, calculating their volume and weight and, above all, cutting them into specified portions.

Euro Cut 750 has a very precise measuring system that takes up to 250 photos per second. Thanks to this, the weight of each portion is consistent with the value set on the controller.

High performance is also due to the double chamber, which can be accessed from both sides of the device.


  • Safe and ergonomic working conditions
  • High precision and cutting quality
  • User friendly controls
  • Easy access for operation and cleaning
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  • a housing that allows access from two sides
  • scanning module for up to 250 images/second
  • the cutting module
  • a double transporter system
  • advanced controller
  • Adjustable and extendable conveyor belts

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Performance characteristics Euro Cut 750
  • Highly Intensive
  • Cutting precision and quality
  • Easy handling
  • Easy access for cleaning
  • Driven by servomotors
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Technical characteristics:
Capacity up to 250 cuts/min.
Dimensions 3300x1740x1920 mm
Energy consumption 8.0 kW
Electrical standard 1 x 400V + N + PE 50Hz
Weight 900 kg

Fresh fish


Smoked fish