D-S 500 Drum de-skinning machine

The D-S 500 drum de-skinning machine is a first-class device for removing fresh fish skin.

The device performs a skinning operation through two knife sections, thanks to which we obtain meat located at the skin and completely clean sheets of skin, to be used by other plants.

The D-S 500 can remove skin at up to 50 fillets per minute. Despite its high performance, the skin has no significant damage and the meat, both from deep skinning and located near the skin, can be reused or resold. The device is also equipped with a unique drum defrosting system.


  • Safe and ergonomic working conditions
  • Robust, compact stainless steel structure
  • Easy access for operation and cleaning


  • a drum with its freezing and defrosting system
  • two knife sections for deep skinning and removal of meat from the skin
  • self-propelled receiving conveyor belt
  • control

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Performance characteristics D-S 500
  • High de-skinning quality
  • Highly Intensive
  • Safety
  • Unique drum defrosting system
  • Easy to clean
Technical characteristics:
Capacity up to 50 fillets/min.
Dimensions 4300x1500x2100 mm
Energy consumption 13.5 kW
Electrical standard 1 x 400V + N + PE 50Hz
Weight 1.000 kg

Fresh fish


Smoked fish